All American Walk-In Tubs is dedicated in providing the most quality made tubs on the market, at a reduced price, to assist the general public in having the opportunity to own one. This website is dedicated to all our veterans and especially to those whom Tom Brokaw spoke of in his book, "The Greatest Generation". When you purchase a tub from All American Walk-In Tubs you can have the peace of mind that you are getting the best price and customer service second to none. In addition, for every tub that is purchased from All American Walk-in Tubs, two-percent (2%) of the total sale will be donated to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). We thank those who have served, to those who are now serving; and their families who have sacrificed. We are so embraced with humility and with our deepest gratitude for those who gave all.

Whether you have arthritis, a general loss of mobility, are unsure of your balance, or you find getting in and out of an ordinary bathtub difficult for one of a number of reasons, you can now take Comfort. Engineered for unassisted access, an incredibly affordable walk- in tub will give you back the joy of bathing. Just open the lifetime-guaranteed leak-proof door of our tubs, step in and luxuriate in a hot bath.

An All American hydrotherapy walk- in tub can provide virtually anyone with the benefits of soaking in a hot tub, and enable him or her to do so in total confidence. There can be no slipping, and the possibility of falling has been completely eliminated. Everybody, even those with no physical difficulties, can enjoy the benefits a walk- in tub can provide. We have several different sizes you may choose from. However, you want to keep in mind what is comfortable for you, and what can fit in your bathroom.

The owner and staff of All American Walk-In Tubs are certainly conscious of the functional limitations one may have that can benefit from having a walk- in tub. The owner, having earned a Master of Science Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and working in a hospital setting has provided a source of knowledge that only one can obtain by being there, understanding the client's concern, working with their doctor, and assisting the client in overcoming their physical limitations as much as possible. The benefits of having a walk in tub are numerous in assisting one with their functional limitations. It allows you to regain Your Dignity, Your Independence, Your Continued Level of Hygiene, Your Ability to stay in Your Own Home, and the Benefits of Medical Hydrotherapy.

Discover and experience hydrotherapy soothing relief for Arthritis, Strains, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Sprains, Fibrosis, Depression, Varicose Veins, High Blood Pressure, Parkinson's, Sciatica, Joint Replacement, Poor Circulation and many more abnormalities.

Isn't it time you regained your independence? Now you can! An All American hydrotherapy walk-in tub can literally change your life for the better. In the past your bathing choices have probably been limited. Maybe you have only used a folding chair and sat in your bathtub or shower. Perhaps you have suffered the embarrassment of having to have someone help you in and out of a tub. Not anymore. You are now free to bath as you once did, only even more comfortably.

There are several resourceful links for seniors regarding insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and state funded programs that may assist you in the purchase of a walk-in tub. Here are a few and we are sure you will be able to find others as well as you research your current medical condition: www.Benefitscheckup.org; www.Govbenefits.gov; www.medicare.gov; and www.va.gov. Be sure to check in your community for resources such as the Area Agency on Aging or visit the website www.aoa.gov for the Administration on Aging. As a Vietnam Veteran I would recommend that veterans make an appointment with their VA Hospital and seek their assistance. Those of you who do not have access to a computer please ask your doctor for their assistance.